C3Days 2021: впечатления с оффлайн-конференции разработчиков инженерного ПО

IT конференции

Unannounced events

Not all conference organizers have announced their events yet, especially ones that typically happen in the fall and winter. These globally recognized conferences are worth keeping your eye on so you’ll know if and when they do confirm a 2021 conference date.

(Google Cloud Next 2018 – Source)

When: TBA

Where: TBA

What: Google Cloud Next, which Google held in July last year, is a conference to watch out for. Last year, Google provided tons of demonstrations, keynotes, bootcamps, and breakout sessions for CIOs, CEOs, and developers of all stripes. Google Cloud Next is a great place to learn how CIOs are using Google Cloud specifically, and cloud technology more broadly. 2020 speakers included Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian, VP of Product Management at Google Cloud Jennifer Lin, and VP of Engineering for Cloud Trust Google Cloud Suzanne Frey.

19. Sapphire Ventures’ CIO Summit

(Sapphire Ventures’ CIO Summit 2018 – Source)

When: TBA

Where: TBA

What: The Sapphire Ventures’ CIO Summit is another top destination for CIOs. 2020’s conference, held in September, focused on the digital transformation the year induced. Panels covered subjects like building IT resilience and elasticity—showcasing panelists like Global CTO of Aegon Mark Bloom and CIO of Citrix Systems Meerah Rajevel. Another focus was the evolving workplace—showcasing panelists like Auth0 CEO Eugenio Pace and Group Info Security Leader Yonesy Nunez. CIOs who attend will get a forum for “exchanging best practices and swapping stories from the trenches.”

20. Amplitude Amplify

(Amplitude Amplify 2019 – Source)

When: TBA

Where: TBA

What: Amplitude, the company behind Amplify, bills the event as “the largest gathering of product and growth leaders in the world.” According to Amplitude, “Amplify attracts the truly passionate and you’ll be hard-pressed to find another event with as many people who care deeply about building and growing digital products.” If you’re leading the production of innovative digital products, Amplify is a worthy entrant on your list. In October 2020, the event included Chief Digital Officer of Cloud and Cognitive Applications at IBM Nilanjan Adhya, Director of Data Science at Shopify Phillip Rossi, and Director of Data Science at Patreon Maura Church.

Don’t miss these CIO conferences in 2021

There are plenty of opportunities for networking, knowledge gain, and career advancement in 2021. Plan out your conference attendance now so you don’t miss any of these great events.

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